Fullstack Web Developer

My name is Tyler or Rainn. I am an aspiring learner that tries to get better at their job each day. I am currently managing my web application babl while also working on another project called feather on the side.


Programming Languages, Frameworks & Tools
I've been developing with these technologies for almost 3 years now. I have learned a lot along the way, and I am confident in my abilities to create great web applications for everyone to enjoy.


Here are a few projects I have developed.


babl was my first major web application. Featuring a fully functional & custom index, forum, CMS (Content Management System), management panel, and much more. I've been developing this project for well over a year now, and it has taught me important concepts of recursion, user-friendly interfaces, and CMS'. babl is currently being sold on GmodStore here.


Cygnus was one of my first web applications that (in today's web standard) is very bad. It utilizes a static file for site configurations, and isn't utilizing caching the way it should be. However, I thought about including this project because it shows how much I have changed as a developer in terms of workflow and utilization of tools. You can check out the Cygnus GitHub repository here.

Past Work (No Examples)

Fire Light Networks

Fire Light Networks tasked me with creating a custom index from scratch which used PHP, PHPFastCache, and Bootstrap as the front-end framework.

Sky Gaming

Sky Gaming asked me to give their site a complete re-design. I created an index from scratch then re-designed their forums (which is using MyBB) and web store.

Atlas Gaming

Atlas Gaming wanted me to create an index from scratch, setup their forums (using MyBB), and also setup their webstore using Prometheus.

Corrupt Roleplay

I was one of the Co-founder's of Corrupt Roleplay. My job was to setup the website, forums, and store.